Historic Railpark Train Museum hosts annual BG Wine Festival

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Thousands of people flocked to Bowling Green to take part in this year’s BG Wine Festival at the Historic Railpark Train Museum.

Guests were able to sample wines, shop for clothing and listen to some live music provided by Marquee Backstage.

Executive Director Jaime Johnson says events, like the wine festival, help showcase the Historic Railpark Train Museum while providing support for local wineries.

“We are giving people an opportunity to experience our venue, experience our history, just by coming here and being a part of the event, Johnson said. “Even if they don’t know anything about trains. But you better believe before they leave here today, they know that they visited the train museum, they saw some trains outside, and if they run into me, they’re probably going to learn something about trains.”

Part of the proceeds from this event help to maintain the historic railcars at the museum.