High schooler’s car stolen from his own driveway, crashed 2 miles from house

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-“I’ve been here for 9 years, I’ve never had anyone bother anything,” said Patricia Blair.

Until Friday night, when Blair’s grandson’s car was stolen from her driveway at her home in Edmonson County. 

“I was sleeping like right there. and it really bothers me, I’m gonna put cameras up now,” said Blair. 

Two days after her grandson, Jeremiah Powell bought a car to travel for work, it was stolen. A student at Edmonson County High School, Powell saved up his own money for months to buy it. 

“You know he worked really hard for that money,” said Blair. 

They found the car two miles away in a ditch. Whoever stole the vehicle crashed it into a tree and fled the scene, leaving the car totaled. 

“This was just crazy… I don’t know. I ask myself why me,” said Powell. 

The Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office issued this statement:

“At approximately 9:40 am, a Sheriff’s Deputy located a vehicle on Sulphur Road that had been wrecked and abandoned. The VIN on the wrecked vehicle was a confirmed match to the stolen vehicle. This is an on-going investigation, with no suspects at this time.”

After this, it leaves the family questioning their safety.

“I did feel safe here but now I don’t really feel safe. Because if they came up and stole his vehicle out the driveway, what else are they gonna come after,” said Blair.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help expenses for a new car. Click here to donate.