Heat dangers in Kentucky

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The temperatures are heating up in south central Kentucky, and we want you to stay safe in these conditions.

Drinking water is key to avoid heat exhaustion, but there’s much more to keep in mind. Certain medications like antidepressants can cause you to sweat more, leading to dehydration.

There are also special groups that require more care in the heat.

The elderly are naturally more dehydrated than those that are younger, but don’t count the children out.

Kimmy Reaume with Safe Kids BG EMS says, “With children, they’re not always able to regulate themselves. As adults, we need to be aware of how long they’ve been out and how much water they’ve had so that we can actually bring them in and give them time to rest.”

Health officials recommend drinking water before you feel thirsty and drinking one cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes when out in the summer heat.