Guns, funding in focus as Congress returns

(NBC News) Congress returns to Capitol Hill today after a five week break.

Gun safety legislation is one of the top priorities for Democrats, but Republicans say they are waiting on guidance from President Trump.

“We are not going to vote on bills on the Senate floor that the president is not willing to sign,” says Missouri’s Senator Roy Blunt. “The president needs to step up here and set some guidelines for what he would do.”

President Trump voiced support for strengthening background checks shortly after several recent mass shootings, then backed off after talks with the National Rifle Association.

A series of mass shootings last month left 22 dead in El Paso, Texas, nine in Dayton, Ohio and seven in Odessa, Texas.

A letter from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer places background check legislation already passed by the House at top the to-do list, as well as securing 2020 elections from Russian interference.

Meanwhile, lawmakers have about three weeks to fund the government. Current funding legislation runs out September 30th.

Hanging over all of this is a possible push by many House Democrats to begin an impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

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