Guarantee Pest Control delivers over 2,000 cereal boxes to Hotel Inc.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Guarantee Pest Control spent the early morning unloading boxes.

But not with the chemicals you may be thinking of. They collected cereal boxes to give to a non-profit organization.

It was also to send the message that it takes a community to make the change we want to see.

Around 9 a.m., Guarantee Pest Control employees and community members unloaded over 2,125 boxes of cereal.

Guarantee Pest Control decided to begin collecting cereal on November 5th.

After unloading the cereal boxes, everything was ready to deliver to Hotel Inc.

The owner of Guarantee Pest Control, Jimmy Blankenship, called to ask what Hotel Inc. was in need of.

Aside from proteins, cereal boxes were the answer.

This is the first year Guarantee Pest Control has held a cereal drive.

However, Blankenship’s main goal was to inspire other local businesses to give to others.

He also wants to make this an effort they do every December for years to come.

Blankenship also tells us that other local businesses have already called him about doing the same thing, inspired by their efforts.

He also says they plan to visit Hotel Inc. to see the impact the cereals will have on those in need.

A wonderful way to end the month.