Gruesome find: “severed torso” discovered after police chase & crash

(WBIR/NBC News) A Knoxville, Tennessee man is facing vehicular homicide charges after a law officer found a severed torso in his vehicle.

A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper first stopped Dorrae Debrice Johnson after seeing him failing to maintain a single lane of travel on I-40 West Sunday morning.

The trooper says Johnson said something about going to get his family and drove off. The trooper gave chase and Johnson later crashed into a utility pole.

When the trooper confronted Johnson at that crash scene, he found a human torso in the passenger seat floorboard.

The body was later identified as hit-and-run victim Darryl Eugene Butler.

Investigators believe Johnson struck Butler as he was walking along Sutherland Avenue, then continued on with part of his body in the car.

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