Glasgow High School students band together for the Reach program

GLASGOW Ky.- When the bell rings at the end of the day, students of Glasgow High School will be reaching out to make a difference through a program appropriately titled Reach.

The Reach program is an after-school initiative that gives students a chance to serve the community. It’s done through services like working at soup kitchens, community clean up and food drives just to name a few.

Jade Nadile, 21st Century Reach Grant Coordinator, said it took a lot to get this program running, but she’s ready to get started.

“We’ve been working really hard to build a program for our students that will help them have a place to meet their goals academically, reach their potential and reach out to make the community a better place,” Nadile said.

These ideas of service were chosen by the students. Not only will they be serving the community, but also their fellow student body. This will be done through homework help, fitness programs and even a collaboration with the Glasgow High electronic sports team. The reach program has received positive views from students.

“I’m really excited to work with kids because that’s one of my passions in life. I also really like our community, and I enjoy getting my hands dirty to make it better. That’s an opportunity for me to better what I love doing,” said Garret Towe, a senior at Glasgow High School.

In the end, the Reach program gives students, staff and Glasgow High School as a whole the opportunity to stick together.

“All students work together, sit together, play together, laugh together. If you walk in the hallways, you notice that there are no groups and pods of kids. All the kids really like each other. I want to give them a place outside of the academic classroom where they can spend time together and build those relationships with kids that are not like them,” Nadile said.