Glasgow finds new use for discarded glass

GLASGOW Ky.-The city of Glasgow has found a new way to recycle glass, one that benefits the environment and the area.

The Glasgow Department of Public Works has partnered with Pulaski County. Glass is sent there, where it’s ground up and then sent back to Glasgow. The glass is ground up in such a way that it doesn’t hurt no matter how much it’s touched. The glass is then distributed to flower beds at the town square.

April Russell with the Glasgow Department of Public Works said she’s thankful for this recycling method, as it keeps Glasgow clean, and provides a splash of color to the area.

“I’m really proud. We love our downtown. We’re trying to revitalize it as much as we can. It’s just an added thing for it. We’re also reducing our carbon footprint, and that’s a big thing for us,” Russell said.

Next year, the plan is for Glasgow to have the same equipment that Pulaski has, so that the glass grinding can be done at home.