Gerald Printing holds fundraiser for officer Matt Davis

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – Gerald Printing in Bowling Green has been printing shirts in honor of Bowling Green Police Department officer Matt Davis, who was injured while responding to an emergency call last month.

The proceeds from the shirts go directly into the fund set up to assist the Davis family as they deal with their ongoing recovery.

Gerald Printing has sold over 530 shirts since they started the campaign and have partnered with a number of other events also honoring Davis to sell more shirts, such as the Red Cross blood drive last week held at The Medical Center – WKU Health Sciences Complex.

“We know that our community is in part the way it is due to law enforcement, keeping it as a safe place to live and to work. So this cause in particular, it just feels really good to be able to, to do this,” Randy Reese, sales manager at Gerald Printing, said.