Garage Concerts Ease Quarantine Blues

Colorado musician keeps his neighbors entertained with weekly jam sessions. KUSA's Katie Eastman reports.

(KUSA/NBC News) — When Jim Seely went outside and played ‘Amazing Grace’ on his guitar in the driveway of his Erie, Colorado home during the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the neighbors wanted more.

Soon his band, Fifty Shades of Blue, was playing concerts for neighbors on their lawns.

“It was missing for us not getting to play,” Seely says. “We had to cancel one show after the other and I thought, okay what can I do, I’ll start playing for my driveway.”

Seely, known as “Doc” to his friends, wanted to share the feeling of performing live again with other musicians, too. So for the past three months, he’s invited bands to his home for “Doc’s Garage Concerts.”

“We were kind of getting anxiety a little bit, and then all of a sudden Jim starts doing this and then we all just come to life,” says the next-door neighbor, Doressa Neals.

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