Galveston police apologize after photo goes viral

(KPRC) The family of a handcuffed man seen in viral photos being escorted by mounted Galveston police officers using a rope is “appalled,” the family’s attorney said.

Galveston Police Department Chief Vernon L. Hale III apologized in a statement and said the department will immediately do away with the procedure.

Galveston police said Donald Neely, 43, was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing at 306 22nd St. after being warned several times not to do so, the police chief said in a statement.

The family’s attorney, Melissa Morris, said Neely is mentally ill and homeless. In fact, family members had not seen Neely in three to four years before the photos appeared on social media. His sister immediately left to go to Galveston to try to find him.

Neely is the father of eight children, the family attorney said. He was “normal” until about a decade ago when he was diagnosed as bipolar.

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