Free smoke alarms to be given in Edmonson County

EDMONSON COUNTY, Ky. – The American Red Cross is partnering with community representatives to install free smoke alarms in homes and to teach home fire safety.

Sound the Alarm in Edmonson County is part of the Red Cross’s nationwide effort to try to reduce deaths and injuries from home fires. Red Cross volunteers and partners will schedule appointments, install free smoke alarms and help families create escape plans.

Free smoke alarm installations will take place July 22 and July 23.

If you wish to have a free smoke alarm installed, visit the Bank of Edmonson County’s North Main Street branch in Brownsville.

You may also leave your name, address and phone number by calling and leaving a message at 270-715-1129. In addition, you may email the information to Once you register, you will be contacted to set a date and time for smoke alarm installation.

Volunteer teams will be installing 10-year lithium battery powered smoke alarms. Someone 18 or older must be home at the time of the installation.