Fourth poster revealed as part of “Save the Depot” campaign

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – On Thursday morning, Jamie Johnson, Executive Director at the Historic Railpark and Museum and L&N Depot, along with the help of Telia Butler, Director of Sales at Courtyard Marriott Bowling Green, unveiled the limited edition poster for the month of April as part of the museum’s year long “Save the Depot” campaign.

April’s poster focuses on volunteerism and the major impact it has had on the work done at the depot.

Local artist Nick Mantlo-Coots helped design the fourth poster in the series, paying homage to the way people in the community rallied together for one common goal during the World War II era.

The poster pays tribute to all the time and effort that volunteers put into make the Railpark a great experience for all its visitors and guests.

“They actually give about 80% of the tours that go out on the train cars. So they’re responsible for that,” said Johnson. “Anybody that’s a small business owner, or has employees, employees are expensive. These volunteers are a tremendous savings to us and what we do. Those tours make up about 25% of the revenue that operates the Historic Railpark.”

It’s also meant to serve as a call to people in the community to come and volunteer at the depot as well.

The museum also held a luncheon Thursday afternoon to thank its volunteers for all of their hard work.