Former Hilltopper empowers athletes throughout Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – A day of training with Former WKU defensive back Jihad Morris can be brutal.

In 90 degree heat, the Greenwood Gators basketball team spent an hour baking in sun – hopping – sprinting and shuffling on the sand. This is one way Jihad motivates those he trains — pushing his athletes to the limit.

“For me to be able to to empower someone gives me that reciprocal energy that I need to propel myself forward,” Morris said.

Morris spent three season at WKU before playing arena football throughout the US and Canada. But his training is universal to any sport.

“I have golfers right now that we’re working on torque, and we’re working on vertamax,” the former Hilltopper said. “So I mean from the swimmers that I have to the volleyball kids of SWAT. As long as you’re doing these different types of plyometrics you will add a row concentric eccentric movements, you’ll be successful in any sport that you play.”

After a tough work out the Gators can tell you how they felt.

“It’s definitely more intense than basketball because usually because you know it’s a football player, ex football player,” Greenwood Gator Aaron Brown said. “So it’s definitely the workouts are more intensified.”

“I’m so tired,” Greenwood Gator Mason Thornhill. “I’m ready to go. I’m gonna go get some food, drink something.”

But the athletic ability is growing stronger with every rep.

“So far, man, you’re just seeing body transformation within the guys,” Greenwood Gators Head Coach Will McCoy said. “You’re seeing a mental confidence. In some of them, you can just tell they feel stronger.”

“We’re all getting faster, stronger and ultimately, you know, better basketball for when season comes around,” Thornhill said.

“You know, I’ve worked out with a lot of people in Bowling Green a lot different programs,” Gator Cade Stinnet said. “You know, he’s one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”

And both trainer and trainee mutual grow in this process.

“Not only am I holding them to a high regard, they’re holding me to a high regard,” Morris said. “So that relationship right there for me is gold.”