Florida jogger finds severed human head

Remains were found on a St. Petersburg sidewalk underneath an I-275 overpass. WFLA's Ryan Hughes reports.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA/NBC News) — Florida police are investigating the discovery of a human head on a St. Petersburg sidewalk.

Police said a jogger called 911 Tuesday morning after finding the underneath an I-275 overpass.

Investigators have yet to identify the body or to provide any information that may identify the person. They do not know the race or gender of the person, they said.

“I freaked out because I live over here. It freaked me out,” said Shirley Williams, whose apartment is about a block from the scene.

Williams left her home around the same time the jogger found the severed head.

“I went there this morning, to go to Wawa, and I didn’t even see it there. I mean, it happened. It was there cause I came back home and they blocked off everything. It happened just like that,” she said.

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