Fishing Trip Ends In “Massacre”

Police say three Florida men were brutally murdered as they arrived at a Polk County lake for a night of fishing. WFLA's Justin Schecker reports.

(WFLA/NBC News) Three Florida men are dead after a planned fishing trip ended in what investigators are calling a “massacre.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said the crime scene is one of the worst he’s ever witnessed.

Brandon Rollins, 27, Keven Springfield, 30, and Damion Tillman, 23, were to meet in Frostproof Friday evening to go fishing.

“It’s about as far out in the middle of the woods as you can get,” Judd said. “It’s a peaceful area. There’s a beautiful lake where three very close friends were going fishing last night.”

Judd said Damion arrived first to the lake in his truck. As soon as he did, investigators believe he was murdered by one or more individuals.

They were in the process of murdering Tillman when Judd said Rollins and Springfield arrived in another vehicle. Detectives believe they were immediately “shot up.”

“Here’s what the murderers didn’t count on,” Judd said. “One of our victims, Brandon Rollins, was able to call his father and say, ‘help.’”

The sheriff said Rollins’ father heard the call, got up, got dressed and drove to the lake. When he arrived, he witnessed what had happened.

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