Family Resource Centers improve operations in Bowling Green Independent Schools

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Bowling Green Independent School District is improving the way it operates Family Resource Centers.

The district pairs schools together, but recently officials figured out a way to better serve those students and their families.

“I think, as a district, that’s what we want to do. In my role, I want to be supportive of those folks that are boots on the ground in those buildings trying to help them as much as I can. From a district perspective that’s all our jobs here. We see ourselves from a district level as being a support mechanism for the school buildings with those people that kids, students, and family’s needs are being met,” said Director of Pupil Personnel, DG Sherrill.

Now, Potter Grey and McNeil Elementary Schools will be paired together.

Previously, these schools were not getting the same amount of help due to certain schools requiring more time and attention from Family Resource Centers.

“They were always partnered with a school, that by definition was higher need. So, more resources went to those schools. So, now we are taking these two schools and putting them on equal playing fields and making a real intentional focus on the coordinator in the buildings the same amount of times for both centers,” said Sherrill.

Sherrill says Family Resource Centers directly impact hundreds of students each year.

“Indirectly it’s impacting all the students in our district. All four thousand students in our district are better off because we Family Resource Youth Service Centers in our district,” said Sherrill.