Family of organ donor said loved one lives on in others who received organs

GLASGOW, Ky. – Although Megan Wright-Doss died just over a week ago, she lives on in the eyesight of a child who received her corneas, in the life of a man who has a new liver because of her donation and the person who received fully functioning kidneys as a result of her selflessness.

Wright-Doss is a name that will live on in both history and the lives on the people she helped in death.

On April 13, Megan told her husband Gabe Doss that she wasn’t feeling very well.

“She rolled over in bed and started convulsing, and I called an ambulance and she stopped breathing and I started CPR and the ambulance people showed up,” said Doss.

Doctors said the 39-year-old couldn’t be saved, but she was registered as an organ donor.

The organ donations make Doss feel like his wife is leaving an additional legacy.

“That is great because I can’t imagine what their quality of life to live without kidneys is or somebody that is sick with liver cancer or something. You know? I can only imagine,” said Doss.

Megan was TJ Samson Regional Hospital’s very first vital organ donor and is already impacting people who never even knew her.

Dr. Ben Kober, a resident physician working with Megan’s case, said not only did she impact people directly, but her donation served hopefully to make organ donation a regular procedure at TJ Samson in the future.

“It is really a bitter sweet moment. It really brought a lot of education to this. Not only was she able to donate organs and give people another chance at life, another chance at joy and things like that, she really raised a lot of education here and the surrounding area. If it gets one more person to sign up for organ donation, that impacts many, many more lives,” said Kober.

The family was able to put up an organ donation flag at the hospital in honor of the selfless donation Megan had chosen during her life, a characteristic her husband says was common.

“It gives me comfort in my heart knowing that she, what lives on. That is what gives me comfort moving forward,” said Doss.

The Doss hopes that in Megan’s passing, they can bring awareness to organ donation along with diabetes, a disease Megan the affected her.