Facebook page created to help connect tornado survivors with willing pet fosters

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Two local pet lovers are working together to help tornado survivors keep their animals while staying in temporary housing.

One vet and a former vet technician decided after the tornadoes hit to set up a system.

Their idea is to help pet owners find foster care for their animals with people who are willing to have the families visit the pet until they find a more permanent and pet friendly living environment.

For now, they have around 40 families willing to house fur babies, live stock, birds and even reptiles for the next several months.

If you are in need of a foster family for your pets, you can reach out to the Facebook page called Foster Pets BG.

“These pets don’t need to go through anything else. These people don’t need to go through anything else. They need to be able to know that their pets will come back to them once they are established in new housing,” said Dianne Martin, one of the creators of the page.

“We wanted somewhere for them to go that they could make a decision on where they go and they could go visit them so they don’t lose their animals. We don’t want them to have to give them up,” said Deborah Shoulders, one of the creators of the page and a local veterinarian.