Exclusive: Sen. Rand Paul talks impeachment and Capitol riots

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Wednesday Sen. Rand Paul, exactly one week after the attack on the Capitol described the events as a “bad day in our history.”

When asked if the Capitol event would cause tensions within the Republican party and this is what he had to say. 

“You know I think it was a bad day in our history. What happened at the Capitol was led by people who had this misguided notion that the Congress should or would overturn the Electoral College. What I try to explain to people over and over again is the Electoral College is based on states’ rights, based on the states’ right to run elections but the Congress wasn’t put in place to overturn the elections or overturn the state run elections. Now that doesn’t mean I wasn’t upset about the results of the election or that in some states it didn’t appear that they followed the law, but the states have to object to that. And so I think it led to even increasing anger because it misled people to people that Congress could overturn this,” said Paul. 

Some think that with the frustration with the Republican party, there needs to be a creation of a third party. Rand Paul says he doesn’t see a third party being successful. 

“You know there are always people who are unhappy with both parties. I’m one of them often that think that both parties spend too much money. The Democrats give too much money to people who either refuse to work, the Republicans give too much money sometimes to overseas too. The combination of the two together reaches outrageous deficits. Both parties have been a dismal failure at this. But the future of having a third party in our country never seems to get going,” said Paul. 

Some Republicans have taken to social media to voice their opinions, resulting in some getting their social media accounts suspended temporarily or shut down, including Paul’s dad, Ron Paul, earlier this week. Paul said social media corporations have too much power. 

“You know I am concerned that big tech has so much power and they’re blocking people. Ultimately one of the things that people have to do in a free country is quit using them. So if you’re unhappy with Twitter, instead of complaining about it and waiting for the government to do something about it, quit using them.

“Shutting my dad down, who’s 85 years old and been out of politics for almost 10 years, who’s also been a public figure in writing and speaking since the 1970s is kind of a crazy thing, and it shows them to be crazy in their level of overreach. So I think it’s gonna backfire on them but I plan on trying to make sure that you can find news out of big tech’s control, and we’re looking at the technological means to try to allow that to happen,” said Paul.