Elvis Hasn’t Left The Building: Cross-Country Quest Saves Legendary Burger

Virginia diner owner planning to shut down his business has a change of heart thanks to cross-country travelers seeking his famed "Elvis Burger." WSLS' Taj Simmons reports.

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. (WSLS/NBC News) — Gene Anderson has been all across America this summer, and the Floridian had one thing on his mind the whole trip: The Elvis Burger from the Pink Cadillac Diner in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

“I’m actually sort of a vegetarian, or try to be, but you can’t pass up an Elvis Burger. This is a quest,” he says.

The diner was closed during his first try in May.

He came back on Wednesday, but the Pink Cadillac was closed again, and a Facebook post from the diner claimed it might never reopen.

Owner Brian Torrence said the stress of COVID-19 got to him.

“I cracked. I cracked yesterday,” Torrence says. “I kind of reached a mental limit, if you will, and thought this is it.”

“Making those Elvis burgers for those guys just made me think, ‘No, we’re going to reopen,'” he says.

Those two burgers helped Torrance remember the joy of cooking.

“It’s not as dire as I thought it was, I probably just needed a mental health day,” he says.

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