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Decision 2020: Election Coverage

McConnell Acknowledges Biden's Victory

(NBC News) -- President elect Joe Biden returned to the campaign trail Tuesday, hoping to boost the prospects of Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Georgia's Senate runoff elections. On January…

"Democracy Prevailed"

(NBC News) -- President-elect Joe Biden addressed the nation Monday, shortly after the Electoral College vote confirmed his victory over President Trump. "In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed," Biden said.…

Making It Official: Electoral College Votes

(NBC News) -- The Electoral College further cemented Joe Biden's victory Monday, casting votes to officially make him President-elect. The constitutional process is usually seen as a formality, but it's…

Kentucky's 8 presidential electors cast votes for Trump

FRANKFORT, Ky (AP) — Kentucky’s eight presidential electors have cast their votes for President Donald Trump Monday, formalizing his overwhelming victory in the Bluegrass state last month. In order to accomodate social distancing guidelines , the hour-long ceremony was held…

Trump Joins Texas Election Lawsuit

(NBC News) -- President Trump is joining a Texas-launched Supreme Court challenge that aims to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden's victory in four battleground states. Republican attorneys general from 17 states are…

Biden To Deliver Thanksgiving Address

(NBC News) -- President-elect Joe Biden will deliver a Thanksgiving message to America Wednesday. On Tuesday his nominees for Secretary of State, United Nations Ambassador and other key roles presented a…

Biden Transition Officially Begins

(NBC News) -- Weeks after election day, the Trump administration, has lifted the main roadblock that prevented the official transition efforts of President-elect Joe Biden. While insisting his legal challenges aimed at…

Biden Names First Cabinet Picks

(NBC News) -- President-elect Joe Biden announced his first cabinet picks Monday, with a focus on national security. The foreign policy and national security picks reflect both experience and promises of…

Election Results

Warren County — Commissioners — Bowling Green (4)

Warren County - City of Bowling Green Commissioners

Sue ParriginDana Beasley-BrownMelinda HillCarlos D'Angelo Bailey
  • Sue Parrigin * NP 12.3%
  • Dana Beasley-Brown * NP 11.6%
  • Melinda Hill  NP 11.4%
  • Carlos D'Angelo Bailey  NP 10.9%
  • Joe W. Denning * NP 10.8%
  • Rick Williams  NP 10.2%
  • David Witty  NP 10.1%
  • Brian "Slim" Nash * NP 9.9%
  • Francisco Serrano  NP 8.5%
  • W. Paul Carter  NP 4.2%
* Incumbent
0% precincts reporting
Last updated:

Warren County — Mayor — Bowling Green

Warren County - Bowling Green City Mayor

Todd R. AlcottTom MorrisChris Page
  • Todd R. Alcott  NP 100.0%
  • Tom Morris  NP 0.0%
  • Chris Page  NP 0.0%
0% precincts reporting
Last updated:

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