Dunkball offers a different take on basketball

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Recreational sport leagues are popular ways for people to stay active in the summer.

One sport that hasn’t been an option for people to play in Bowling Green, though, is dunkball.

“Out here we say dunk as hard as you want, hang on the rim,” said Todd Mason, co-owner of Total Fitness Connection in Bowling Green. “If you break it, we’ll fix it.”

While it may sound and look like basketball, dunkball is its own unique sport.

“We always do this on hoops in the neighborhood, so to be able to do it in a league we thought would be pretty cool,” said Jonah August, a player in the dunkball league.

Dunkball has several important differences from basketball with the biggest being the hoop is lowered to 8 1/2 feet, encouraging all those who are able to dunk.

“You go for dunks a lot more,” Easton May said. “It’s definitely high percentage.”

Dunks are worth three points in dunkball as opposed to just two in basketball.

Additionally, goaltending is allowed, except on three-point shots, each game has two 20-minute halves without breaks, and players call their own fouls.

“When you go up and think you can goaltend this, it makes it a lot more difficult to take mid-range shots and layups,” said May.

Some players in the league said they can dunk on a regulation-sized 10-foot hoop.

Others said they couldn’t, but dunkball makes it a possibility.

“It’s pretty fun,” said August. “It makes me feel like I’m playing in the NBA.”

Todd Mason grew up playing dunkball back when he was in high school and remembers fondly how much fun he had playing the game with friends.

That’s why he wanted to bring the sport to Bowling Green.

You still get the ‘whoa’ when somebody makes a good block or somebody does a big dunk,” added Mason. “That’s just a part of the adrenaline that keeps you going.”

The dunkball league currently has games every Tuesday night at Total Fitness Connection.

To wrap up league, they’re planning on holding a tournament at the conclusion of the regular season.

For more information about getting involved in the dunkball league, contact Total Fitness Connection in Bowling Green.