Doll Delivery: Viral post inspires special Barbie gift

(WWLP/NBC News) Chloe Newman has been receiving prosthetic services at Shiners Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts for her entire life. She was born with a missing limb and has had multiple prosthesis fittings at Shriners.

Now she’s helping other young patients with the help of toymaker Mattel, and a very special Barbie.

After finding out that Mattel is making a Barbie with a prosthetic leg, Chloe asked for donations of the doll, Barbie Fashionistas #121, on Facebook. Her post quickly went viral and caught the attention of Mattel.

Chloe hopes that when young girls see that even Barbie can have a prosthetic they would then feel better about their own prosthesis.

“I think they would feel better about themselves,” she says, “That they would see wow they are making a Barbie like me, so why should I be ashamed of myself if there’s now toys like me?”

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