Dieting For Dollars

HealthyWage helps you lose weight by putting money on the line. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

(NBC News) — For millions of people, the struggle to lose weight is real.

Finding motivation to lose any weight is difficult, and even more so if faced with shedding 50 or more pounds.

Now the founders of are paying people to drop those pounds.

David Roddenberry says the concept is simple.

“You decide how many pounds you want to lose over how many months and we have a calculator that will tell you how much we will pay you,” he explains.

The catch is you put up some of your own cash.

“If you have your own money at risk, you’re more likely to accomplish your goal,” Roddenberry says.

Miranda Broomfield decided that taking care of her two teenagers also meant taking care of herself.

She invested $50 a month for 18 months.

“I knew money was going to be a good motivator for me just because we didn’t have the money to lose,” she says.

Though she was in striking distance of her 80 pound goal, Brookfield extended her journey another six months, losing 81 pounds and collecting almost $3,000 for her efforts.

“It was real and legit and, you know, then I was able to kind of share with everybody that I had accomplished this big goal and it was pretty amazing,” she says.

HealthyWage says anyone can participate once, and require a few simple rules for those who want to diet for dollars.

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