Debris cleanup could be coming to an end soon

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Debris cleanup could be coming to an end soon, so if your yard still has a mess or if you have equipment available and time to help, this story is for you.

Owners of storm-affected property within the Bowling Green city limits who need debris removal have until Feb. 7 to place that debris in the right of way. For the county, that deadline is January 26.

Matt Powell, the environmental manager for the city says the reason a date has been set for debris removal is due to emergency funding coming to halt.

“As long as it’s there by February 7, we’re going to go pick that up and take it away. And then, after that, this contractor’s services are going to stop because they will have reached the end of that emergency purchase authorization and we’re going to have to secure a new contractor, which we’re not 100% certain we’re going to be able to do. And even if we are, there may be a several week lag between this contractor ceasing services and a new contractor beginning,” said Powell.

Volunteers are needed to help people who were impacted by the tornadoes get their debris to the rights of ways near the roadside according to JT Troxell, the disaster recovery coordinator for the city.

“There’s not a lot of need for hands on the ground with rakes and shovels but we really need those people with skid steers, bobcats and equipment to move some of these big debris piles, like the one behind me, so that we can get it closer to the right of way for the collection trucks to pick it up,” said Troxell.

“Ordinarily, we don’t want debris or refuse or anything to block sidewalks but while we’re involved in this cleanup effort, you don’t want to create a situation where people can’t see traffic. But get it as close to the road as possible and if you’re covering sidewalks for now, that’s not a problem,” said Powell.

So far, contractors have picked up 167,000 cubic yards of debris, an estimated 2/3 of what needs to be done overall.

If you would like to help a property owner move debris into a right of way or if you need help moving your debris into a right of way, call 270-799-8048.