Curbside Ministries takes the field with Sky Soccer: 2nd annual Curbside Cup

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Curbside Ministries teamed up with Sky Soccer to kick off the Curbside Cup tournament on Saturday. 

Dozens of boys laced up their sneakers and cleats to hit the fields and play some ball. 

Curbside Ministries’ mission is to help those less fortunate in our community and share the message of God while doing so. 

A few young men who grew up going to Curbside helped referee the games and hang out with the younger boys. One man, Bosco Tuyisenge, actually helped bring this soccer tournament to life. 

“Curbside was really like the prime of my childhood. Like that was my favorite place to be, everybody looked forward to that. And I just wanna give these kids the same experience,” said Tuyisenge.

This is the second time the two organizations have teamed up to put on the event… lots of smiles all around.