Cultural Awareness Corvette Weekend aims to bring unity, inspiration to Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Over 1400 African American Corvette owners from across the United States pulled up to Vette City for a weekend full of inspiration and unity.

“Our organization is coming together for us to come together and enjoy the Corvette, enjoy our fellowship and networking, but to also give back to Bowling Green…inspiration is what it’s all about. If I can’t inspire someone to grow up, go ahead and get an education, buy a Corvette and hopefully they can be a part of CACW as well,” says Billy Brooks, the president and founder of CACW.

Benjamin Wingfield, the president of Metro City Corvette Club LLC, says his favorite part is “the camaraderie, good people – sometimes in life you don’t have the right people around you. When you get a little older like myself, you want good people around you.”

The weekend-long event is celebrating diversity and pouring into to the Bowling Green community and giving African American youth a vision and something to look forward to.

Brooks also says, “It may seem like we’ve been around a long time, but we have actually tapped into something that’s amazing. When we come together, we are all brothers and sisters regardless of race, gender, color we just enjoy it. If we are this big in just two years. I can only imagine in year three or four.”