Crossing guard continues mother’s legacy of love for school children

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- As Parker Bennett-Curry-Elementary opened its doors for another school year, a familiar face helped usher children across the road.

For the third consecutive year, crossing guard Sequoia Martin gave high fives to students as they made their way to school. She is carrying on her late mother Berenda Martin’s legacy at what is known at Berenda’s Crossing at the intersection of Scott Way and Jenkins Drive.

“Our mom was a crossing guard at Jenkins and Scott for 37 years. We were lucky enough that she was able to train me before her passing to be a crossing guard, and I so happened to get the same position that she had,” Sequoia said.

And just like her mother, Sequoia Martin wants to help children start their day with a smile and words of encouragement.

“It feels good because these kids need the encouragement. They need to know that education is very important, and that there’s people in the community who support them 110%,” Sequoia said.

For the students, Sequoia’s gesture made quite an impression.

“I feel great. I feel like I can do anything. I feel like I can make a lot of friends now that I got high fives. I’ve never felt this happy before,” Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary third-grade student Joseph Pritch said.

Fellow crossing guard Grace Burton knew Berenda personally, and is also glad to be partnered with Sequioa.

“Berenda was my very best friend. It just makes my heart tinkle to know that we are carrying on her legacy. She was such a good crossing guard,” Burton said.

Sequoia Martin plans to carry on the family tradition year after year.