Crews working tirelessly to extinguish waste facility fire 

AUBURN, Ky.- Crews are still trying to extinguish a blaze that’s been burning since Monday at the Scott Waste Transfer Station.

Fire crews along with Scott Waste employees are working tirelessly to put out the blaze that engulfed a warehouse filled with trash at the facility.

Heavy smoke and the smell of burning trash is still plaguing a neighborhood in Auburn. On Thursday that blaze has dwindled, but it’s not out yet.

“We’ve got some guys from Scott Waste that are actually separating the large piles of trash into smaller piles. We’re just applying water to it one pile at a time, and it’s just a slow process,” said Lt. Kyle Hampton at the Auburn Fire Department.

Several fire agencies are working on subduing the blaze including Auburn, Russellville Rural, Franklin-Simpson, Adairville Rural and Browning fire departments. Access to nearby water has made the task of fighting the flames all the more challenging.

“From the get go water supply was a problem with this fire. With a fire this big you’ve got to have a lot of water quick. We just couldn’t keep up with the demand for water with the hydrant far away. So, the fire did get ahead of us,” said Hampton.

Those nearby said they’ve noticed a difference in the air quality.

“We noticed the smell yesterday pretty prominently and our visitors were commenting about it. Of course, you can see the plume of smoke in the distance. Today it’s not quite as bad as it was, but it definitely made a little impact,” Tommy Hines, Executive Director at South Union Shaker Village.

The burning trash smell has led some of those in the surrounding area to ask if the air is toxic.

“Well you wonder what’s in that. There was some smell, what smelled like electrical or rubber yesterday. So, it’s apparently more than just wood. I don’t know, but there’s always that kind of concern,” said Hines.

Officials say the fire will likely continue to burn for the next two to three days. They’re hoping the rain will speed up the process.