COVID-19 Outbreak Hits Minnesota Food Processing Facility

COVID-19 Outbreak Hits Minnesota Food Processing Facility

GLENCOE, Minn. (KARE/NBC News) — A Minnesota food processing facility is working to slow a coronavirus outbreak among its employees.

Dozens of positive COVID-19 cases have been confirmed among workers at the Seneca Foods processing plant in Glencoe.

A Minnesota Department of Health spokesman says the department learned last week about a growing number of coronavirus cases at the Seneca plant, mostly involving newly arrived temporary workers hired for corn packing. Seneca had every worker tested after hiring, but a lag in getting results back “hampered the company’s, and Public Health’s ability to monitor exposed workers or isolate asymptomatic employees” according to the Department of Health.

As of Wednesday there were at least 33 lab-confirmed cases who reported working at Seneca during interviews with investigators, and another 12 suspected cases.

Three of the cases have led to hospitalizations.

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