Country music star films music video in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The charm of a small town can’t be beat. 

“You can leave home but it never leaves you.”

Tim Dugger, country music star, sings about it in his music video ‘Heart of a Small Town’…which was filmed right here in Bowling Green. 

“When he threw out Bowling Green I said sure I’d love to,” said Dugger. 

He chose the video production company Forerunner to produce the video…which is based in Bowling Green. They scouted numerous locations in different states but coming back to Bowling Green always made the most sense. 

“It had everything that we needed. In our production meetings we talked about how we wanted to have it feel like the perfect little diner, the perfect little chapel and family setting and everything in Bowling Green had what we wanted. We scouted other locations and they might have had a little snippet of this or a little snippet of that but Bowling Green had everything,” said Forerunner producer and editor Julie Taylor. 

Dugger is from Roanoke, Alabama…he wrote about his own experiences returning to his small town in the song. The music video shows a young man as he returns home, going to church, at the local diner and on a first date. 

“I love it when I go through the town, I see the town square still alive and there’s businesses and it’s not moved out or big corporations,” said Dugger. 

Familiar places in the video you may recognize include Fountain Square, Capitol Theatre, ConCons, the football stadium at Greenwood High School and Hillvue Heights Church. 

“The fact that we were able to bring a production like this to our small town and involve people who might not have a chance to do that they’ve been talking about it, in fact I’ve run into them at the diner and other places and they’ve said I’ve seen  your video that was really fun I got to see myself, I’ve told people look there’s my head,” said Taylor. 

Dugger also has a personal connection to Bowling Green, which holds a special place in his heart. A local man, Bill Hunt, helped jumpstart Dugger’s career years ago. 

“I was thinking about him and he’d have me come up to his house and play like a barn party and that was before I had a record deal, before I had anything,” said Dugger.