Corvette Museum 25th anniversary drives dollars into the Bowling Green economy

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-The 25th National Corvette Museum anniversary activities continue to drive more traffic into the home of America’s sportscar. To see what’s in store, fans have traveled as far as from California and even Canada.

“I love Corvettes. I wanted to come on the tour with everybody. I just enjoy driving them. I had a great trip, 2,700 miles from here,” said Trent Payne, a visitor from Ardrossan in Alberta, Canada.

According to the Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, well over $1 million are expected to flow into the area. Visitors need places to eat, and business has been nuts at the White Squirrel Brewery. During lunch alone Friday, the eatery made $1,000 more than usual.

“We get really busy, it’s a lot of good conversation, lots of good food and lots of good times,” said Courtney Holland, manager of the White Squirrel Brewery.

After a long day of Corvette festivities, fans are resting up at hotels stretching all the way from Nashville. The Hyatt Place hotel in Bowling Green has seen a spike of $25,000 compared to a usual week.

“We have been full since Tuesday night. We’ve had about 100 rooms per night of Corvette enthusiasts here in Bowling Green,” said Kacie Hood, general manager of the Hyatt Place hotel.

This is helped by the provided services for the fans.

“We are lucky enough to have a shuttle, so we’ve been able to take them to their different locations whether it be the Corvette Museum or the Sloan Convention Center,” Hood said.

With over 7,000 pre-registered guests and over 10,000 visitors at the National Corvette Museum, the economic impact is a clear sign that America’s sports car has a strong fan base.

“Some people have traveled for eight days give or take just to drive to Bowling Green to enjoy the festivities and they even have a long trip going back home. We’re very lucky and fortunate to have that many supporters that want to come out and celebrate with us and join in on the fun,” said Katie Ellison, director of marketing and communications at the National Corvette Museum.