Corvette Assembly Plant workers now relying on strike pay

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Friday was day 12 of the United Auto Workers strike against General Motors. For the 900 Corvette Assembly Plant workers in Bowling Green, and those across the nation, it’s the first day they will not be getting their usual paycheck.

Strikers will now have to rely on union strike pay, which amounts to $250 a week, a big change from the roughly $1,200 a week most of them are used to getting.

About 49,000 workers across the nation have been on strike since September 16th, but union negotiations appear to be moving closer to reaching an agreement.

This week GM said they are restoring health care to hourly workers, and yesterday committees finished their work and sent it to the top bargainers for both sides.

One Bowling Green man said it’s his second time striking against GM.

“We don’t want this no more than anyone else does. It’s hurting our pockets, but I was here in 07 and 08, when the union conceded.We helped GM. I know the federal government helped GM. People out there need to know that the union workers here, we gave a whole lot up. GM is in some good times right now, and we need them to return the favor,” said Charles Mcmillan, striking worker.

Many of the strikers said they believe the strike will end soon, but also say the’re prepared to ride it out as long as it takes to come to terms on wages, use of temporary workers and profit sharing.