Cornerview Community Church holds event for veterans

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Memorial Day is a day to remember those who fought for our country. 

“Honoring the vets that we have and also the vets from the past,” said veteran James Coulson. 

And Cornerview Community Church held a service to do exactly that. 

“Just commemorating the folks who actually die for our freedom and the ones that actually die, building upon the legacy of the ones who went before us,” said community outreach director Felicia Bland. 

Many of the people in attendance at the church are veterans themselves. 

“I spent a lot of time going from base to base, east coast to west coast,” said Coulson. 

After the service, the veterans headed downstairs for a free meal and conversations about what the day means to them. 

Pastor of the church,  Darren Bush said the man who raised him was a veteran, and he immensely looked up to him. And today was even more special as it was also his birthday! He chose to dedicate his day to remembering veterans. 

“He decided to give back to the community by celebrating past veterans, the ones that went before us just making the day about remembrance,” said Bland.