Congressman Guthrie reacts to divided U.S. Congress

Republican Brett Guthrie is returning to the House of Representatives after defeating democrat, Hank Linderman in Tuesday’s general election.

Guthrie received over 66% of the vote.

Guthrie has represented Kentucky’s 2nd congressional district since 2009.

The district consists of 21 counties in Kentucky. 

When Guthrie returns to Washington however, his party will no longer control the House. Democrats seized control after the election.

"The new majority of the House is going to decide if it’s going to be about investigating and impeaching, or if it’s going to be about trying to find common ground on things we can work on. The President is going to have to lead, but hopefully people will be willing to work together," said Guthrie on Wednesday.

In addition to Guthrie, four other Republican incumbent congressmen from Kentucky retained their seats on Election Day.

The only Democrat in the House from Kentucky, Jon Yarmuth, was victorious as well.