Cold Case Search Comes Up Empty

Oklahoma investigators had hoped new information would help them find the remains of two girls missing since 1999. KJRH's Gitzel Puente reports.

(KJRH/NBC News) — A search for remains of two girls missing since 1999 came up empty Tuesday.

Oklahoma investigators spent the morning digging on a property near Picher, searching for a root cellar where there girls may have been buried.

Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman were last seen in 1999, and are believed to be dead.

68-year-old Ronnie Busick, who pleaded guilty to his part in the case, gave investigators the location information after looking at aerial photographs of what the area looked like in the past.

“When asked why we should be looking at a root cellar, he mentioned that the other suspect David Pennington had made mentions that he had to fill in a root cellar shortly after the crimes,” said Gary Stansill, District Attorney Investigator for District 12.

Stansill said they will be looking at a couple of other possible locations not based on Busick’s information.

“We’ve got another location to search, it’s a mineshaft. There’s a couple of mineshafts. We’ve already dropped cameras down some of them,” Stansill said.

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