“Chicago” Wednesdays Return

"Chicago Med," "Chicago Fire," and "Chicago PD" return tonight with new storylines reflecting the world that's undergone massive changes since last season was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. NBC's Mark Barger has a sneak peek.

(NBC) — The magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t clear back in March, even as production on NBC’s “Chicago” dramas shut down.

“I think we all thought, maybe a little bit too naively, that we would come back in two to three weeks,” says Torrey DeVitto of “Chicago Med.”

Weeks turned into months.

Cast and crew for the three dramas finally began reassembling in Chicago in September, but they returned to a very different work environment.

“An inordinate amount of precautions to make sure we’re able to be back, be safe,” says Taylor Kinney of “Chicago Fire.”

Changes that real-life forced behind the scenes are also being reflected in storylines.

“We really want to show and tell the audience what exists in this world in a very dramatic way, but in a very truthful way,” says Brian Tee.

That also includes how 2020 has impacted perspectives on law enforcement.

“Now, I have the chance, not only to uplift the image of the black man, but to allow our audience to reimagine policing,” says LaRoyce Hawkins.

The “Chicago” dramas return tonight starting with “Chicago Med” at 8pm Eastern.

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