Celebrate Pi Day with $3.14 Blaze Pizza

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- March 14th is Pi Day and you can get a pretty sweet deal at Blaze Pizza for the 9th year in a row. 

Anyone who signs up or is already a member on the Blaze app gets a reward for an 11-inch original crust pizza for just $3.14. For reference, that usually costs $10.95. 

The offer is good from today, March 14 until the end of the month, March 31st. 

Blaze Pizza is known for its assembly style line where people can customize their pizza by picking out each topping. Staff say since the first Pi Day back in 2014, the day has exploded in popularity. 

“Who doesn’t want a pizza for $3.14? Customers are just so excited, they come every year, we’re already so busy. It’s our busiest day of the year,” said General Manager Jennifer Bowles. 

They are expecting to make nearly 1,500 pizzas today. On an average day they make about 500 to 600. To download the app, click here