Cave City Fire Department celebrates centennial

CAVE CITY, Ky. – The Cave City Fire Department is marking a milestone this year. It’s the department’s 100th anniversary.

“It just gives you a good honor knowing that you are a part of it, and to be out in the community,” said Doug Hatcher, a firefighter with the Cave City Fire Department.

The department is celebrating its 100th year throughout the month of October with special t-shirts, a haunted trail fundraiser, and a public open house on Sunday, October 20 from 12 p.m.- 5 p.m.

“Go through the fire house and look at the trucks and look at the equipment and things like that and hopefully we’ll have some of the chiefs, some of the past fire chiefs, that are still living will be able to come down there and reminisce with the new guys,” said Cave City Fire Chief Kevin Jandt.

A lot has changed in 100 years.

The department has gone from a bucket brigade to a full fledged, up-to-date fire department since it’s creation in 1919.

They started out with 10 helmets and a raincoat, and now, they proudly protect their community in full gear.

The first truck held 25 gallons of water, but their new trucks hold 3000 gallons.

The station also has a truck they lovingly call Granny, the oldest truck the department has. It’s nearly 80 years old and is no longer in service, but is featured in local parades.

As for the future of the department, continuing the legacy is at the fore front of the volunteer’s minds.

“I just like to see the young ones come in and take interest in it like the older ones have and let it keep growing,” said Hatcher.