Caught On Camera: Lemonade Stand Robbed At Gunpoint

Security video shows teens brandishing gun and taking cash box from Indiana boys' lemonade stand. WEEK's Andy Weber reports.

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK/NBC News) — Police in Peoria, Illinois are searching for two teenagers who robbed a lemonade stand at gunpoint.

The robbery occurred Friday evening when two males approached 13-year-old Jude Peterson and his friends as they sold lemonade on the corner in front of Peterson’s home.

In video provided by a neighbor, a male in a dark hoodie, who was described as a teenager, moves fast, displaying what looks to be a firearm. He then quickly snatches the boys’ cash box, running off with $30.

Nathan Peterson, Jude’s father, was in his basement when his wife called down to him, saying she had been told the boys were jumped.

“I just almost blacked out a little bit, like I felt my body running up the stairs, but for just a moment, it was pretty intense,” Peterson said.

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