Can you say UPGRADE? Barren Co. Board of Education gets new building

BARREN CO., Ky.- Can you say upgrade? The Barren County School’s Board of Education is now in a brand new state of the art building. 

They say you should’ve seen the old one…they’ve been in a building off the square since 1965. 

Located off of 600 Trojan Way, the new building is a great location for people to access. 

Instead of having their employees spread out over multiple buildings, all Board of Education staff will work at this location. This makes it easier for families, as well as other school employees to get the help they need in one place. 

“This facility brings everyone back together under one roof. So we’re really excited to have the synergy of everyone together under one space,” said superintendent Bo Matthews. 

The number of students over the past years have increased, as well as the amount of support staff and resources…the new building helps add space. There will be a grand opening for the community in July.