Bowling Green Police Department trains in Lambda Chi house before demolition

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Bowling Green police stormed a local frat house today in full critical response gear, for a training opportunity.

Lambda Chi fraternity teamed up with local officials today to allow them a chance for training in an unfamiliar structure.

Due to the upcoming demolition of the fraternity house, Lambda Chi opened its home to the Bowling Green Police Department.

“In a couple days we plan on tearing down our fraternity house,” the chapter president, Nathan Seged said.

According to Seged, the building has been the frat’s chapter house since 1965 but was built in the early 1900’s.

“This structure is very unique in that is it an older home, but it has been cut up to meet the needs of the fraternity much like many of the homes in the downtown area,” BGPD Captain Geoffrey Glietz said.

Officers were able to spend hours training on clearing a building and protecting each other in the process.

“Our primary work today is going to involve room/building clearance and then, later on, we are going to move into mechanical breaching on the structure,” said Glietz.

This is a very useful training tactic, he said.

“A lot of what we do is critical thinking. How are going to approach this situation? How are we going to utilize our resources, our personnel, our equipment, and a lot of that all falls into scenarios like this where we train in a different situation so that our officers are always thinking about ‘hey where’s the next angle at, where’s the best approach at, where’s my cover at,’” Glietz said.

And the fraternity is glad to be a part of the training that could potentially save lives.

“People don’t realize that this stuff can happen fast, so them getting practice in a bunch of these real-life scenarios and real-life locations is really crucial,” Seged said.

The officers were wearing around 50 pounds of equipment during the training session including guns, chest plates, helmets and other gear.