Bowling Green man accused of assaulting four-year-old daughter

BOWLING GREEN. Ky. – A Bowling Green man is behind bars, accused of assaulting his four-year-old child.

The arrest citation states the mother saw their young daughter run into the kitchen and then heard David Chinault, 37, become irate.

She told police once she got into the kitchen to mediate, she saw Chinault standing over their daughter and her face was extremely red.

Police say the child told officers her father had either punched or slapped her.

The citations states police located Chinault at Walmart, where he told them his daughter ran and hit him in the groin, and while trying to discipline and spank her, he must have accidentally struck her.

Police say he told them the bruising on her face could be attributed to rough play with their other child.

Chinault was lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail and charged with 4th degree assault-child abuse.