Born learning trail comes to a Bowling Green park

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-A trail that will be used for educational purposes officially made its home at Kereiakes Park in Bowling Green.

A born learning trail is a way for young children to learn while they’re enjoying time in the park. Various signs along the trail will prompt the kids to participate in various activities like counting trees, and even dancing. Games are also painted along the trail for the kids to play.

The trail came from a partnership between United Way of Southern Kentucky, and BKD, which is a Louisville-based certified public accountant firm.

Director of marketing and communications for United Way of Southern Kentucky Elizabeth Newbould said this trail will do wonders for the young students in the community.

“I think it’s important for kids to have things that they can do outside of the home, outside of school, just out in nature to learn and grow. This provides them with the opportunity to do that. To count, to jump, to do things that help them prepare for a bright future,” Newbould said.

The born learning trail is located right next to the tennis courts at Kereiakes Park.