Blooming business: Florist offers curbside bouquets

Rhode Island wedding florist finds a unique way to keep her business afloat amid coronavirus cancellations. WJAR's Sam Read reports.

WICKFORD, R.I. (WJAR/NBC News)  — A Rhode Island wedding florist has come up with a unique way to share her creations after coronavirus cancellations took a huge toll on her business.

For the last two weeks Toni Chandler, the owner of “Wild Child Flowers and Gardens,” has set up shop on the side walk in Wickford.

“These are peonies I wanted to make sure had a home,” Chandler says of her offerings. “Every morning, I come out around 9 a.m. with the flowers. I start with six to eight bouquets and then mid-afternoon, I’ll put more out if I need to put more out.”

Typically, Chandler would be picking the peonies and designing bouquets for the several dozen weddings she had booked this summer, but because of COVID-19, a majority of them canceled.

“Weddings I have this summer, probably five or six,” she says. “I still have some business, especially when it comes to elopements or people having small ceremonies.”

Chandler doesn’t stay at the stand because she’s busy tending to her actual garden.

At just $15 dollars a bouquet, everything is on your honor. There’s a box for cash and a Venmo account has been set up.

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