BGPD officer makes toddler’s birthday dreams come true

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – One young birthday boy got the surprise of his dreams thanks to the Bowling Green Police.

Scottsville’s Connor Barbour wanted one thing for his 3-year-old birthday party. He wanted to meet his big heroes: police officers.

Connor’s mom reached out to the Bowling Green Police, and Officer Ben Carroll decided to give Connor the surprise of a lifetime by giving him the “police themed” birthday he’s been talking about for months. 

Connor’s mom said her son is so fascinated by the force that he puts on his police gear at home and, arrests and jails visitors. Then, he breaks them out of jail, so he can arrest them again!

Officer Carrol showed Connor his police car and made sure to turn on the flashing blue lights.  

Public information officer Ronnie Ward said officers becoming friends with kids is so important. 

“We just like for them to see us in a different light,” Ward said. “That it’s not always bad when the police show up. That we are people, too,  and they can approach us, and talk to us, and hopefully that will make them feel more comfortable as time goes on.”

Connor now tells everyone he meets about his police officer friends.