BGPD looks for officers and dispatchers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. With the continuing growth of the Bowling Green population, the Bowling Green Police Department is looking for new recruits, to keep the peace and dispatchers to answer the emergency calls.

While Bowling Green is not currently short staffed like many other police agencies nationwide, Deputy Chief Michael Delaney, is still looking forward to getting some new members of the team to fill currently open positions and positions expected to become open when others retire or leave the department.

“A lot of agencies nationwide are experiencing shortages because the economy is good and cities continue to grow. More people are coming into our city, so we need to have more police officers and more dispatchers to respond to all calls of service grow as the city grows,” Delaney said.

While they are currently doing well to meet demands, Delaney said the department will be using a recruitment plan to expand the team.

“We’re meeting our demands, and we’re currently looking to get more qualified people to come join our team. Part of that is through recruiting. We’re actively doing a recruitment campaign to get more people to consider policing as a career option,” Delaney said.

Through the next month and a half, the department will hold recruitment events so anyone interested in serving the community can see how they can join. Those events will be posted to the department’s social media accounts.

“We’ll have some workshops set up for people to come talk to dispatchers and police officers to see if that’s a field that they might be interested in, and some of the work that goes into becoming a police officer,” Delaney said.