BGPD hoping to build $1.2 million evidence storage building

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The Bowling Green Police Department is quickly running out of space to store evidence. Their plan is to build a bigger and better evidence storage building.

Next week, the department plans to ask the city for just under $1.3 million for the new building.

The proposed location is on a plot of empty land at the corner of 10th and Adams street, just behind the police department.

Due to lack of storage space, the department currently houses several cars taken into evidence at a separate location.

The department’s police chief says the need for an evidence storage building is immediate.

“It increases our general, long term evidence storage capacity, which we need now. It also allows for us to have drive in, secure, storage base for vehicular evidence as well. We need both of those things, it’s a immediate need,” said Chief Doug Hawkins, Bowling Green Police Department.

If approved, the money to build the new facility will come from the city’s capital improvement fund.