BG Young Professionals get hands-on experience with surgical robots

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Recovering from any surgery can be a difficult and painful process. 

TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital is using revolutionary technology to change that narrative. 

“It’s the age we live in. Robotic surgery has changed our lives,” said surgical assistant Roy Tyler. 

TriStar invited BG Young Professionals to get hands-on experience with their da Vinci surgical robot.

“We have major surgeries that we do, people were out for a week or two and they ran up big hospital bills. Now we do major surgeries and they’re out the next day thanks to this type of technology,” said Tyler. 

The robots can do surgeries on the gallbladder, take out kidneys, fix GI bleeds and much much more. 

“We’re able to do even more minimally invasive surgery than we have in the past, it makes it easier for our surgeons to operate as well,” said TriStar COO Jared Lesher. 

The da Vinci robots make smaller incisions and give the patient a faster recovery time. 

It may sound unreal to some people… Tyler even mentioning that people feel like they’re in a science fiction show. That’s why events like this are important so people can see the type of technology that’s operating on them. 

“You know they’re like whoa…a robot working on me and not the surgeon. It’s a tool, like a hammer or screwdriver, it’s just revolutionized what we do here,” said Tyler. 

“You know I think the sky’s the limit as far as technology goes, especially in healthcare,” said Lesher. 

Last year they did over 550 surgeries using the da Vinci robot.